Holding Space

Posted By On 09 Mar 2017

Being a marriage celebrant is a huge privilege. You share the dreams and sometimes keep the secrets of many beautiful couples. I love meeting my couples for the first time and hearing their story. It’s not just listening, it’s about reading between the lines, watching their body language and Holding Space for them. So what […]

Cost Saving Tips for Smart and Creative Brides

Posted By On 02 Mar 2017

In recent times many marrying couples have as their main worry – How to save costs on their weddings. I totally support this so I want to help with ideas on how to keep down your costs. There seem to be two key words if you want to save costs with your flowers: Creativity and […]

A Memorial Service – My First

Posted By On 15 Feb 2017

Some days are just better than others. Today I received this beautiful letter of thanks and it made me feel both amazing and a little afraid – that’s a lot to live up too! Thank you Marcus for your very kind words. RE: Jason Cace’s Memorial Service Dear Delwyn I am feeling better, and just […]

Romance is Alive and Well !

Posted By On 16 Jan 2017

I love it when I get a request for a vow renewal ceremony. It’s a special privilege as a marriage celebrant to marry lovers but when couples want to reaffirm their love and commitment in a formal way, it’s a very special privilege. So imagine: You’ve been married for 10 years, you have spent a […]

The Perfect Wedding Gift

Posted By On 10 Nov 2016

What are the criteria for a perfect wedding gift? As a wedding celebrant I am rarely involved in advising on wedding gifts but this week I was put in a position to ask myself this question. I heard a wonderful story from one of my brides-to-be and it inspired me! I am often touched when […]

Honouring Deceased Loved Ones

Posted By On 15 Oct 2016

Wedding Ceremonies are not always just smiles and fun. Tears of joy are sometimes shared with tears of remembrance and sorrow. As a marriage celebrant it is sometimes not easy to walk that fine line of including and honouring deceased loved ones in a wedding ceremony and creating a joyful and fun celebration for the […]

Be Somebody who makes Everybody feel like Somebody!

Posted By On 23 Sep 2016

How to include Loved Ones in Your Wedding Ceremony Photo by Yoram Conradt Traditionally the Wedding Ceremony includes the Bride and Groom, their wedding party and the Marriage Celebrant. But what happens if you have more close family and friends that you would like to include in your ceremony in some special way? Well there […]

The Joy of a Job Well Done!

Posted By On 01 Sep 2016

“Getting to the other side of an event makes me beyond happy. Seeing the joy on people’s faces on the evening but also hearing the reviews makes me glad. I just love pulling together a beautiful table that encourages community”. – I had to cheer when I read this quote from Stacey Clark. She had […]

Lop-sided Wedding Parties

Posted By On 19 Aug 2016

Recently a bride-to-be was looking for advice on a Wedding Facebook Page about how to include her 12 yr old sister in the wedding party. It would be a lop-sided wedding party if she did. Plus her Mum wanted her to be paired up with someone. Problem was, the groom didn’t want to have any […]

Best Wedding Vows…

Posted By On 27 Jul 2016

… and how to write them. Many couples have a fear of writing wedding vows. Don’t panic and don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you’re less of a couple. Putting big, meaningful and life-altering feelings onto paper is not easy and I hope some of these hints will help you. Actually, the best wedding vows come […]

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