German Weddings and Elopements

Posted By On 08 Jul 2016

“We travelled all the way from Germany to get married in Perth. Just the two of us and our two children. Delwyn made it possible and turned our wedding day into the best day of our lives, she made our dreams come true. Thank you so much.” Henry & Julia It’s a long way to […]

How to Change your Name After Marriage

Posted By On 16 Jun 2016

After all of the fun and excitement of planning and experiencing your wedding, comes the time-consuming task of changing your name. Many new brides say they feel nervous about the name change process, but it is actually a quite straight forward process. It’s just a bit time consuming and it helps if you know where […]


Posted By On 15 Jun 2016

I love it when I am looking for poetry for weddings, vow renewals or commitment ceremonies you find something that gives you a full-bodied laugh. Hope you enjoy this. LOVE ME WHEN I’M OLD AND SHOCKING – by Bee Rawlinson Love me when I’m old and shocking Peel off my elastic stockings Swing me from […]

Ties, Bowties, Tacking and New Shoes

Posted By On 31 May 2016

There are certain little things that can spoil an otherwise perfect wedding. They are badly tied ties and bowties, tacking on new suits and new shoes that give you blisters. My Dad taught me how to tie a Windsor Knot and a half Windsor knot when I was just a kid and it was my […]

Wedding Ceremony Rehearsals

Posted By On 10 May 2016

Wedding Ceremony Rehearsals It might be something that you think you can save on but the wedding ceremony rehearsal is actually pretty important. You could say it’s practice making perfect! It’s the logistics that are important and a run-through with your wedding party and wedding celebrant will ensure everyone knows when to walk and where […]

Skype for Wedding Ceremonies

Posted By On 10 May 2016

Skype for Wedding Ceremonies The technology of today is amazing! I have many couples who have had parents, grandparents and friends from all over the world at their weddings, even though these same guests were unable to be there in person. With Skype guests are able to enjoy the wedding ceremony and feel included, even […]

German Speaking Marriage Celebrant

Posted By On 29 Apr 2016

What a fabulous job I have! As a bilingual German speaking celebrant, I have had the privilege of experiencing some very moving moments. One bride’s Mum could not make it to the wedding at the last moment because of a serious health issue. We did the ceremony in German and English so the bride’s Mum […]

The Handfasting Ceremony

Posted By On 12 Apr 2016

The multiple coloured Handfasting Ceremony is one of the best wedding rituals to use if you want to include family and friends in your wedding ceremony in a meaningful way. It includes up to 14 coloured ribbons that all represent the significant qualities you are bringing into your marriage relationship and your dedication to these […]

Best Wedding Rituals

Posted By On 04 Apr 2016

Have you seen a wedding ritual being performed at a friend’s wedding or heard about wedding rituals but don’t know exactly what they are or how to integrate one into your wedding ceremony? They can be a pretty powerful expression of your values and cultural background so it’s important that you choose one that suits […]

A Fabulous Privilege

Posted By On 10 Mar 2016

As a marriage celebrant in Perth it isn’t very often, in fact it’s way too seldom, that you get a request to do a naming ceremony. Yesterday evening I was again offered that privilege. A beautiful young couple wanting to mark the welcoming of a very precious little person into their lives and their circle […]

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