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October 10, 2020 Delwyn

When people decide to marry it’s all about love and all the ‘lovey dovey’ things that go with it. Like! Hugs and kisses and holding hands as well as laughing and crying for joy. Of course everyone wants to hug and kiss and touch! I remember my last few big weddings before shut-down here in WA. I had the hand-sanitiser on my signing table but it was used by hardly anyone!

Everyone was still a little unsure about what was required of them and even with a gentle reminder from me only a few very conscientious guests obliged. But many of the guests did feel they needed to ask permission to hug! Everyone wants to hug the bride and groom so it creates a stifled atmosphere and a very strange feeling when you are hugging with joy in your heart and at the same time wondering if you are doing the right thing.

Covid Beach Wedding

With Covid it’s been tough for so many lovers wanting to commit to each other in marriage and not being able to firm up a date or a venue because who knows when this will all end and friends and family will be able to travel and join in the celebrations! For some it has not been possible to postpone indefinitely so in the meantime they have had delightfully romantic elopements. (more about those in my next blog.)

If you are disappointed, worried, anxious or downright angry that you cant plan your wedding date at the moment, or have already rescheduled a few times and spent money you feel is wasted on invitations etc, give me a call. I would love to give you some ideas on how to reuse and recycle your obsolete wedding stationary and anything else you have spent money on. Don’t throw it away! You can still use it. Wishing you happy wedding planning!

July 8, 2016 Delwyn0

Blog 10 German Weddings collage cropped

“We travelled all the way from Germany to get married in Perth. Just the two of us and our two children. Delwyn made it possible and turned our wedding day into the best day of our lives, she made our dreams come true. Thank you so much.” Henry & Julia

It’s a long way to come from Germany to Perth and when that journey is to be the most romantic one you ever made, then everything needs to be perfect… perfectly fabulous!
Es ist fuer mich eine riesige Freude wenn Deutsche-Verliebte sich bei mir melden und ganz vorsichtig Fragen ob ich eine Hochzeitszeremonie in Deutschesprache fuer Sie durchfuehren koennte. Ja, Deutsch ist meine zweite Sprache und es ist ein grosses Privileg fuer mich das machenzukoennen.

A German & English Wedding

“Wir haben uns sofort wohlgefühlt. Von der ersten Email von Delwyn wussten wir, dass wir die richtige Wahl getroffen hatten. Wir wollten eine einfache Zeremonie an einem wunderschönen Ort. Und Du, Delwyn hast das sofort verstanden. Deine Aufklärung über die australische Rechtslage war einfach zu verstehen und wir fühlten uns in guten Händen. Ohne deine Hilfe und Unterstützung wäre unsere Zeremonie nicht so wunderbar gewesen wie sie war. Wir liebten den Bambus Rahmen, die Garnelen and Champagner am Strand. Und das perfekte Timing, das das meiste aus dem Sonnenuntergang und dem frueheren Vollmond holte. Wir sind extrem glücklich. Es war Alles so richtig. Die Tatsache, dass Du dich mit Regina getroffen hast und dass Wir uns nicht um standesamtliche Papiere kümmern mussten, war großartig. Es war außerdem auch großartig, dass wir regelmäßigen Emailkontakt hatten. Dadurch konnten wir Dich ein bisschen besser kennenlernen und wurden auf dem Laufenden gehalten. Dein Service war sehr, sehr, sehr gut. Danke. Definitiv. Du bist die Beste. Wir sind sehr glücklich.” Bruno & Katja

“Wir freuen uns RIESIG Dich kennen zu lernen! !!! Du warst uns bisher schon solch eine tolle Hilfe! !! Wahnsinn, ohne Dich wären wir nie so schnell so weit gekommen !!!! DANKE dafür schon!!!!!” Steffi & Sebastian

“Our dream was it to celebrate our wedding abroad. Australia was the place to be. Delwyn made it so easy for us to let our dream come true. From A to Z everything was just perfect. We got all the information we need for Australian legislation as well as for German legislation. With Delwyn’s help it was easy to fulfil the requirements of both countries. Working with you was always a pleasure! It was a very friendly atmosphere at any time. Your little special touches were awesome! Please stay like you are and keep this wedding service as individual as it is right now. All the best for your business.” Kai & Dori