The Groom’s Entrance

February 10, 2018 by Delwyn

With a stunning river and bolder background behind us the groomsmen and marriage celebrant (that’s me :)) were in place and soft back ground music was playing as the guests slowly took their places. Suddenly the serenity of the natural bush surroundings was shattered as the Theme to Top Gun began to blare out around us! Surprise on everyone’s faces was quickly followed by cheering and applause as the groom made his entrance, slowly grooving his way down the hessian aisle. It was magic and totally in keeping with this very fun-couple’s style and sense of humour.

Although this only happened a few months ago this was something new for me, but I have since told the story a few times and one more groom decided to make his own entrance too. Again the guests loved it! It did not detract from the bride’s entrance at all and only added to the anticipation of her arrival and also helped to calm the nerves of the groom and his ‘men’.

I have to agree with these grooms that it is their day too and both of them were totally supported by their gorgeous brides.

Again, it’s an idea I would thoroughly recommend and where it feels ‘right’ can add to the sense of it being ‘our’ wedding rather than ‘her’ wedding.

Photo thanks to Ruby Yeo