What could be more magical than traveling overseas to a beautiful location to exchange your wedding vows? Australia is a great destination, and in particular Western Australia, as we have many beautiful beaches, exotic locations and excellent weather.

Australia has no residency requirements for marriage. Foreigners can marry as soon as they arrive providing they are free to do so. Before getting married both partners have to sign a declaration (Notice of Intended Marriage aka NOIM, see below) stating that there is no legal impediment to the marriage. This notice must be signed one month before the intended marriage date and can be completed, signed and witnessed before arriving in Australia. Once completed, signed and witnessed (see list of recognised witnesses) it must be sent to your celebrant one month before the wedding day. This can be done by email or fax but the original must be given to the celebrant before the ceremony can take place.

A couple intending to marry in Australia must be over the age of 18. One of the couple can be aged between 16 and 18, but in this case parental permission and a court order are required.

You can find out more about Legal Requirements by visiting the Attorney General’s page.

Civil and religious marriages are both legally binding in Australia and can take place in any location. Australian marriages are widely recognised by other countries. If in doubt about the legality in a particular country, check with the relevant embassy or consulate. Some European countries require an Apostille Stamp on the marriage certificate to authenticate it.

Information on Apostille Stamps can be found on the Australian government Smart Traveller website: Click here

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Giving Notice for Marriage

NOTE: Understand the procedure for giving notice and find out what you have to do in order to get married in Australia…

A Notice of Intended Marriage form must be completed. The form must be signed and witnessed (see back of form for eligible witnesses) but initially need only be lodged by one party. It should be sent to the chosen marriage celebrant at least one month and no more than 18 months prior to the proposed wedding date. (Both parties must sign before the ceremony can take place.)

Original birth certificates and proof of the dissolution of any previous marriage will be needed.

NOIM Forms can be obtained from me or downloaded from the Attorney General’s Department website: Click here

Under exceptional circumstances the notice period for marriage can be less than one month. Only prescribed authorities, usually local court or registry officials, may grant approval on medical, religious, travel or legal grounds. Documentation that supports the request should be gathered prior to approaching a prescribed authority.

There are no rules governing the fees charged by authorised marriage celebrants for their services. Fees can vary widely. Before finalising a date for the marriage the celebrant and couple should agree, and have written confirmation of, all fees and charges. Any of the fees which are refundable should be clearly outlined as should any additional costs which may be incurred.

Marriage ceremonies do not have to occur in a church or registry office. The location can be discussed with the celebrant.

Only one legal marriage ceremony can take place. Any further ceremony or celebration has to be a reaffirmation of vows.

Documents Required

The following documents are required by both parties:

An original birth certificate

A valid passport.

Adoption certificate, if applicable

Change of name documentation, if applicable

If either party has been married before they will also need:

A death certificate in the case of widowhood or a decree absolute if they have been divorced

Documentary evidence of the annulment of a previous marriage

ALL documents must be in English or have an official (NAATI) translation into English. In Australia this can only be done by someone registered with the National Accreditation Authority for Translators.



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