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 You will find me an enthusiastic and engaged celebrant who enjoys both the traditional and the unusual ceremony. I will do everything I can to encourage and support your ideas and together we can make your dream wedding ceremony a reality. It will be memorable and fun, relaxed yet sacred and beautiful.

 After a preliminary meeting to get to know you and your needs and wishes, I will help you complete the NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage). This has to be lodged with me at least one month before your wedding and no longer than 18 months beforehand.

 I will prepare & lodge the NOIM & related documents, declarations and all legal components of the Marriage Ceremony professionally and reliably.

 I will help you create your own unique ceremony, written especially for you and with you. It can be as different as you are, there are incredibly few legal requirements that need to be included. Together we can make your dream wedding ceremony a reality.

 Your personal vows are something I will encourage you to create yourselves but I won’t abandon you with this and together we will make them special. Read some examples and tips on writing good wedding vows

 Rituals & Readings can be an interesting and entertaining way to include what’s meaningful to you in your ceremony, I will do the research for you and all you have to do is choose.

 If you want your bridesmaids, groomsmen or guests to participate in your ceremony I will organise and coordinate this for you.

 I will coordinate and liaise with your photographer, videographer & musicians in preparation for your ceremony.

 A 1 hour rehearsal for the entire wedding party at the venue, usually the week before the wedding.

 Provide a excellent PA system which includes various microphones and Bluetooth. As well as a signing table with 2 chairs

 Would you like me to tell the guests how difficult it is these days for the official photographer to get a photo of the guests without iPads and Phones in front of their faces… Do you want first rights on social media sites? These, and anything else you like, are things I am happy to mention to your guests before the bride arrives. Together we can make your dream wedding ceremony a reality.



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