Other Ceremonies


Romantic Vow Renewals & Wedding Anniversaries

Renewing your wedding vows can be a very meaningful and touching ceremony for you as well as your children, family and friends.

As a married couple, it is a time to pause and reflect on where you have been and where you are going. It is also a wonderful example to set for your children and grandchildren.

Can you imagine a more beautiful scene than children watching their parents joining hands and hearts as they affirm the magnitude and strength of their enduring love? It’s a lovely way to enjoy some romance.

A Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony can be as creative and personal as you want it to be.


Naming Ceremonies

What’s in a name?

Naming a baby is one of the most important and public decisions a new parent makes. All new parents worry about choosing just the right name for their new arrival, and most believe that a child’s name contributes to his or her success in life. Choosing the right name and celebrating that with a Naming Ceremony can be one of the most important and meaningful things you do for your new baby.

It’s also a celebration which embraces all the family and close friends who will be a part of the child’s life and development. You might want to appoint some ‘God Parents’ who you feel will enrich the life of the child and bring additional support and guidance as they grow into the best person they can be.

The power of a name and its value has long been immortalized in prose, poetry, and religious ceremony. Everyone recognizes himself or herself by name. Often it brings back memories of a special person in the lives of a parent or represents the dreams and aspirations the parents have for the child.

I would be happy to create a meaningful and joyful Naming Ceremony together with you, to celebrate your child’s individuality and future.

"Great ceremony, really lovely 🙂 Thank you so much"

Shona & Glen

"Everyone loved the ceremony and the time capsule idea. Thank you again for all your patience with us, we are so happy we found you"

Danielle & Brad

"Hi, Tim and I want to thank you again for today. You made it so special, it meant so much to us for you to stay back and meet everyone. It was like you were a part of the family. Until we meet again."

Cara, Tim and Ollie – Ollie’s Naming Ceremony


Ceremonies of Gratitude

How often do we say Thank You, a real heartfelt Thank You, to the people we really love and appreciate? It’s so easy to get caught up in the flow of everyday life and forget to show those special to us, how much we appreciate them and what they have done and continue to do for us.

Say Thank You in a special way and celebrate these exceptional people! Your parents, your family, your colleagues, your forever partner or anyone who means the world to you. Let them know in no uncertain terms how grateful you are, so that they’ll never doubt it or forget.

I can help you create a unique celebration for your special people.
To find out more about Vow Renewals, Commitment Ceremonies and Ceremonies of Gratitude in Perth, please contact me.


Commitment Ceremonies

Would you like to declare your love and dedication to your partner-in-life and to publicly commit to your eternal devotion? I would be delighted to help you compose your vows and ceremony, and assist in creating your special occasion.

What sentiments could your commitment vows express? Perhaps:

“With great joy I pledge my love and commitment to you on our special day. But a loving relationship does not exist in a vacuum. Our family and friends first showed us how to love, helped us grow, and supported us when we found each other. I hope they will continue to love and support us as we love and support them. Therefore, I am delighted today, in the presence of these witnesses, to publicly confirm my commitment to you and my promise to sustain this happy and loving relationship. I reaffirm my love for you and will continue to share a relationship of love, tenderness and laughter, will confide in and trust you above all others; will respect, honour and stand by you in everything as an equal and loyal partner; but above all else will love and cherish you for as long as we both shall live.”