German Speaking Marriage Celebrant

April 29, 2016 by Delwyn0

What a fabulous job I have! As a bilingual German speaking celebrant, I have had the privilege of experiencing some very moving moments. One bride’s Mum could not make it to the wedding at the last moment because of a serious health issue. We did the ceremony in German and English so the bride’s Mum & Dad and granny could all enjoy it on Skype, live with the rest of us. It was very touching. The bride hung photos of her mother’s and grandmother’s weddings in the tree under which the ceremony took place.

Wedding Rituals tend to be a very important part of wedding ceremonies where either the bride or groom, (or both), originate from overseas. When family, friends and loved ones can’t make it to the wedding they can send meaningful objects such as ribbons, photos, books, and recordings, which can be included in the ceremony. It’s a beautiful way to include more of their own culture.

“I don’t even know where to start. Delwyn (our german speaking celebrant) did an absolute amazing job. She did our ceremony in German and English. All the guests also loved her. She helped us so much with creating our ceremony so we could give it a very personal touch. I will def call her again if we ever gonna refresh our vows. Delwyn war einfach nur super. Unsere Trauung war auf English and Deutsch. Alle Gaeste waren begeistert. Ich werde Delwyn auf jeden Fall anrufen wenn wir irgendwann mal unsere Eheversprechen erneuern.” Laura H

Delwyn Joy Klevenow – German Speaking Celebrant from Matthew Bettinaglio on Vimeo.

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