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September 8, 2021 by Delwyn0
Jacqueline Jane Photography; Love Bird Ceremonies for ‘The Rest’- Marriage Celebrant Perth

Elopement Weddings

A Very Personal & Awesomely Romantic Wedding Ceremony

With Covid on the rampage again many couples are exchanging their bigger wedding plans for an elopement. For me, it’s one of the most exciting requests you can receive as a marriage celebrant, “we want to elope, can you help?” Elopements are some of the most romantic ceremonies that I have the privilege of conducting. It’s a wedding ceremony that reflects solely your wishes and nobody else’s.

Jacqueline Jane Photography; Love Bird Ceremonies for ‘The Rest’- Marriage Celebrant Perth

A Breakfast Picnic Elopement Wedding

How about enjoying your elopement in a gorgeous cabana on the beach at sunrise, followed by a breakfast picnic, styled to your liking. Stay on the beach as long as you like, enjoying the privacy of your special space. Bring a towel and have a swim in your wedding gear or totally relax and absorb the reality that you have just been married!


Elope on a Boat

There are so many wonderfully romantic ways to celebrate an elopement wedding ceremony and I, your marriage celebrant in Perth, am always ready to create THE idea for you. Because there is just a few of you there are no restrictions on where you can have your ceremony! This gorgeous elopement took place on a beautiful classic boat – https://www.exclusiveboatcharters.com.au/boat-list/vlaming/ – sailing up the Swan River from East Fremantle to South Perth where Jan and Jamie had booked a restaurant for dinner. Along the way we stopped for the ceremony and then celebrated with champagne and canapes The sun was setting over Perth as we arrived at Mends Street Jetty, a pink sky the backdrop for the final photographs. It was the perfect day!

Jacqueline Jane Photography; Love Bird Ceremonies for ‘The Rest’- Marriage Celebrant Perth

Morning Tea Elopement Wedding

Maybe fresh homemade Scones with the works, along with some bubbles or anything you like, are your idea of a perfect elopement? So many nice spots to enjoy this moment but down on South Perth Foreshore there plenty of beautiful trees to celebrate under!


Cheese, Crackers and Champagne Elopement

Your wedding cake doesn’t need to be huge and it doesn’t need to be cake either A delicious Brie can do the job just as well, and in my opinion, goes better with Champagne! This is the kind of ‘party’ it is so easy for you to organise too! All I need to do is arrive for your ceremony, which is tailored to exactly what you want, and make sure the legalities are done properly. How easy is that!!

Jacqueline Jane Photography; Love Bird Ceremonies for ‘The Rest’- Marriage Celebrant Perth

Elopement on the Beach with Dinner

Isn’t this just the most romantic dinner you could ever imagine? Well this could be your elopement wedding ceremony followed by a 3-course dinner or fish and chips, whatever you like. Your imagination is the only limitation. There is only one word of advice I would like to give here, I highly recommend you have a photographer. These are moments you want to have captured and recorded forever. Everyone will want to see them afterwards and will be so, so jealous


Jacqueline Jane Photography; Love Bird Ceremonies – Marriage Celebrant Perth

Feeling the Joy of Elopement

Every single couple who has had an elopement marriage ceremony, and there have been many, has been ecstatic about how wonderful and meaningful it was and incredibly relaxed they were and how much fun they had. Even the handful of friends who have accompanied them say they wish they had been married that way. There is no need for you to bring witnesses, I can provide them if necessary. There is no cost for providing witnesses

Please contact me if you’re thinking about eloping, I would love to help

“Delwyn made our day so special, easy, simple and beautiful with our own decorations, a picnic spot in a beautiful location, home made scones 😍 just for my husband and I ( we eloped) she supplied our witnesses too! It was an awesome day with no stress! Delwyn really went above and beyond for us and we are so grateful and thankful we picked Love Bird Ceremonies ” Laura

“Firstly I would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you. You truly created the most amazing atmosphere and made our elopement more special than we could ever have imagined. The dedication to your job and your care for those you marry is truly beautiful. 

Still to this day, I can’t believe how over and above you went to make the moment memorable and amazing. From the balcony decorations, the rose petals, the beautiful poem, a wedding gift to the cupcakes and celebratory drinks, it was the most magical afternoon of our lives. We cannot express our gratitude enough – ‘thank you’ just does not cut it. 

The ceremony was beautiful and you were the most gracious and calming celebrant I could have imagined. Thank you so very much for letting us use your balcony and welcoming us into your beautiful home. From start to finish, working with you was easy and worry free. Honestly, no words can describe my appreciation and admiration for you. You exceeded all expectations and I will forever hold you close to my heart. 

From the deepest part of our hearts, thank you so very much.” Tiane & Leighton xox

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