Cutting the Wedding Cake at the Ceremony

February 17, 2018 by Delwyn

Many brides and grooms worry about what to do with their guests after the ceremony, while they are off having their photos taken. I saw this problem solved very elegantly a few months ago and have witnessed it again since. The cutting of the Wedding Cake was performed directly after the signing of the documents, before they walked down the aisle! As a marriage celebrant I have witnessed many unusual and creative ideas and this was one of the really good ones I thought!

The cake was cut, photos were taken, everyone applauded and the couples walked down the aisle. Nothing too exciting there but what happened next was what I thought was just a perfect idea! After a few congratulations the couple departed and refreshments – coffee, tea and cake were served! It was the perfect time to be eating cake! After a full dinner at the reception most are unable to appreciate and enjoy a piece of cake, no matter how small. But this cake was enjoyed by all and many commented on what a fabulous idea it was. The timing was perfect as for most it’s a bit early to start drinking at 4pm in the afternoon and most are a bit peckish by then as lunch was a while ago and dinner is still somewhere in the unknown future. It also helped to occupy restless children and one couple had gone so far as to have banana cake without sugar available for the kids and also beautiful cakes for coeliacs.

This idea is something I think is really worth recommending and I look forward to being a part of more of these ceremonies in the future.

Photo – The Love Story – Anthea Kirkman