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May 18, 2021 Delwyn0
Shadowcast Photography, Love Bird Ceremonies Marriage Celebrant Perth
Shadowcast Photography, Love Bird Ceremonies Marriage Celebrant Perth

Wedding Vows, Vowels and Vowls

How to Write the Best Wedding Vows

Which one is it?

“My husband and I would love to renew our vowls and we’re looking for a marriage celebrant… “  “Would you be available to perform a Vowel Renewal Ceremony for us on the …. “ “I don’t think I can write my own wedding vows, can you help please?”

Well… They are officially called Wedding Vows. What does it mean to take a vow? It’s a pledge, a solemn promise, and a personal commitment. So how do you begin to write your own Wedding Vows?

These are the kind of enquiries and ‘pleas for help’ that you often get as a marriage celebrant. Writing your own wedding vows is something very special and not everyone feels comfortable putting pen to paper about the thing that means the most to them, their partner. I’m a Marriage Celebrant in Perth and I am hoping with this little blog to be able to help you feel confident in writing your very own personal vows.


Kevin McGinn Photographer, Love Bird Ceremonies Marriage Celebrant Perth
Kevin McGinn Photographer, Love Bird Ceremonies Marriage Celebrant Perth


First of all, think of the past…

Remember the magic of the moment you realised this was ‘the One’! What attracted you to your partner, what did you find irresistible and what did you love about them from the outset? It’s sometimes nice to mention these things and possibly thank them for being that very special person. You may surprise your partner how much you remember from those first moments and what you actually noticed And trust me, if you have wondered how well you partner listens to you, in this moment you will experience what it means to be heard 100% and with all your heart.


Jacqueline Jane Photography, Love Bird Ceremonies Marriage Celebrant Perth
Jacqueline Jane Photography, Love Bird Ceremonies Marriage Celebrant Perth


Now think of the present…

What is important to you at the moment? Why are you standing in front of your lover and partner wanting to marry them and what will make this day special and memorable for you forever?

The groom in the photo below was a man of few words but his bride really wanted him to write some vows. He did. Two amazing sentences which said it all. I put them onto 3 pages which he kept folded as one page while she read her vows. He then let the pages fold down and you can see the reaction he got – priceless.  The two sentences made her cry with genuine happiness and love.

Sidewayz, Love Bird Ceremonies Marriage Celebrant Perth
Sidewayz, Love Bird Ceremonies Marriage Celebrant Perth


Now think of the Future…

What are you dreams for your future? How do you see your life unfolding together with your partner? Maybe you want to remind them of the depth and honesty of your enduring love. Do you already have a family or are you blending a family – how will they be included and do you want to promise to encourage, support, and love them in any special way?


The Love Story Photography, Love Bird Ceremonies Marriage Celebrant Perth
The Love Story Photography, Love Bird Ceremonies Marriage Celebrant Perth


Let your Wedding Vows Reflect your Personality

It’s going to feel best for you if your vows are written in ‘your language’ – the way you speak to each other every day – and the way you engage with one another. If laughing and joking around is your everyday life, then include that in your vows too.  Think of all the gorgeous little things you do for each other and feel free to say how grateful you are for them.

The Love Story Photography, Love Bird Ceremonies Marriage Celebrant Perth
The Love Story Photography, Love Bird Ceremonies Marriage Celebrant Perth


Including Something Special to you Both

Sometimes you might feel the need to include something in your wedding vows that has a wider meaning for you both. In the photo below, it was the grandparent’s Bible that the couple wanted to put their hands on as they made their vows. Their religion and beliefs were important to them and their grandparents had had a hugely positive influence on their lives and relationship. It was also a sign of respect to their Grandparents.

Jacqueline Jane Photography, Love Bird Ceremonies Marriage Celebrant Perth
Jacqueline Jane Photography, Love Bird Ceremonies Marriage Celebrant Perth


In Short:

Even though you are making a solemn promise you don’t need to write a novel, just few honest words, straight from the heart will be perfect. You need to feel comfortable reading your vows so they really need to be ‘yours’ and not written by someone else. Start writing them as soon as you know your wedding date. Write something and then put it away. Take it out again some time later and see if you want to adjust or add something. It’s the most wonderful feeling to hear from the one you love, why and how much they love you. It’s the most beautiful and meaningful gift you can bestow on your lover, on your wedding day.

If you need some help with your wedding vows I’m always happy to create some ideas with you

Some Inspiration:




What are Vowels – Dictionary Definition

The definition of a vowel is a letter representing a speech sound made with the vocal tract open, specifically the letters A, E, I, O, U. The letter “A” is an example of a vowel.





October 10, 2020 Delwyn

When people decide to marry it’s all about love and all the ‘lovey dovey’ things that go with it. Like! Hugs and kisses and holding hands as well as laughing and crying for joy. Of course everyone wants to hug and kiss and touch! I remember my last few big weddings before shut-down here in WA. I had the hand-sanitiser on my signing table but it was used by hardly anyone!

Everyone was still a little unsure about what was required of them and even with a gentle reminder from me only a few very conscientious guests obliged. But many of the guests did feel they needed to ask permission to hug! Everyone wants to hug the bride and groom so it creates a stifled atmosphere and a very strange feeling when you are hugging with joy in your heart and at the same time wondering if you are doing the right thing.

Covid Beach Wedding

With Covid it’s been tough for so many lovers wanting to commit to each other in marriage and not being able to firm up a date or a venue because who knows when this will all end and friends and family will be able to travel and join in the celebrations! For some it has not been possible to postpone indefinitely so in the meantime they have had delightfully romantic elopements. (more about those in my next blog.)

If you are disappointed, worried, anxious or downright angry that you cant plan your wedding date at the moment, or have already rescheduled a few times and spent money you feel is wasted on invitations etc, give me a call. I would love to give you some ideas on how to reuse and recycle your obsolete wedding stationary and anything else you have spent money on. Don’t throw it away! You can still use it. Wishing you happy wedding planning!


March 18, 2018 Delwyn

Is one of the things that worry you as a Bride-to-Be, “how will I change my name after marriage?”

Many brides worry about this and there are some who don’t worry at all as they are unaware of the work involved. Some years ago I noticed how stressful this could be for brides, (and some grooms too!), so I decided to give my brides a voucher for a website called: After The Wedding

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March 2, 2017 Delwyn

In recent times many marrying couples have as their main worry – How to save costs on their weddings.

I totally support this so I want to help with ideas on how to keep down your costs.

There seem to be two key words if you want to save costs with your flowers: Creativity and Flexibility. Your florist needs to be very creative and you need to be flexible. I asked one of the most creative florists in Perth, Ellie Townsend who owns Lime Flowers in East Fremantle for some tips.

November 10, 2016 Delwyn

What are the criteria for a perfect wedding gift? As a wedding celebrant I am rarely involved in advising on wedding gifts but this week I was put in a position to ask myself this question. I heard a wonderful story from one of my brides-to-be and it inspired me! I am often touched when I hear my couple’s stories, it’s one of the special parts of being a marriage celebrant, but this story touched me to the core.