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January 19, 2021 Delwyn

Same-Sex Wedding Ceremonies and Google

I absolutely don’t like putting people into boxes, labelling them or using any form of segregation. It really goes against everything I believe in. We all have a heart and that’s what makes us human and equal. But then Google came along and has been trying to teach me otherwise.

Google and my SEO advisor told me I had to write 300 words on the relevant page on my website and use all the keywords, several times, in the first 100 words!  Same Sex Weddings in Perth, Same Sex Wedding Celebrant Perth, Same Sex Wedding Packages Perth, Same Sex Couples, Perth Same Sex Wedding and gay friendly.

The problem was, all I had written on my Same Sex Weddings page was: “I believe ‘Love is Love’ and it is wonderful to be able to celebrate that with everyone. Please continue to my ‘Weddings’ Page for more information about how together we can make your wedding ceremony as fabulous as you have always hoped it could be. I really look forward to hearing from you . ”

For Google, that didn’t cover it! As I prefer not to conform to Google too much, I decided to write a blog instead and hopefully that will suffice to help all you gorgeous lovers find my website.

Same Sex Wedding Blog Photo 2 - TAG - Same Sex Weddings, Love Bird Ceremonies, MS Vlaming, Swan River Weddings
Same Sex Weddings, Love Bird Ceremonies, MS Vlaming, Swan River Weddings

When it’s just about Love

So really now, what can your sexual orientation have to do with love and being in love? When you fall in love, really fall in love, it’s not just a physical attraction, it’s something way more than that! As Winnie the Pooh said: “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” It’s that incredible feeling of finding someone with whom you can totally be yourself, someone who brings out the best in you and encourages you to grow into the very best version of yourself. Pure magic.

Same Sex Wedding blog Photo 3 - TAG - Gay Weddings, Love Bird Ceremonies
Gay Weddings, Love Bird Ceremonies

So just for Google:

Same Sex Weddings in Perth

I’d love to be your celebrant at your Same Sex Wedding in Perth. Call me a Same Sex Wedding Celebrant if you like, but I am happy to marry anyone who is in love and ready to commit to their amazing ‘other’.

Same Sex Wedding Packages in Perth?

Yes I do those too, check out my Pop Up Weddings Package and see what you think. My Pop Ups are different because I create them around you and your needs and dreams. It’s your Pop Up and no one else’s. So Same Sex Wedding Packages in Perth? Absolutely!

Supportive Suppliers

My experience over the years has shown me how important it is to have supportive suppliers, whoever you are! Everyone is different and has unique ideas and needs and that’s exactly the way your wedding day should be treated, as YOUR special day. If you’re a Same Sex Couple planning your wedding day you should be treated without prejudice or judgment, just like anyone else. You should be enjoying the excitement of the pre-wedding journey and not be worried about how anyone, especially your celebrant, feels about you. Your marriage celebrant should be carrying you on that journey and creating the space for you to enjoy all the wonderful emotions and passion that will accompany you up until your wedding day.

Same Sex WEdding Blog - Photo 4 - TAG - Gay Weddings, Love Bird Ceremonies, Perth Zoo
Gay Weddings, Love Bird Ceremonies, Perth Zoo

Enjoying your Wedding Day

Enjoying your wedding day sounds like something you could take for granted, doesn’t it? But even the most confident brides and grooms get nervous so it’s nice to have a team of professional and supportive suppliers making sure your day is going to be everything you’ve dreamed of and something that’s going to make you feel really proud to call yours. 

You’re a Same Sex Couple?

If you’re a Same Sex Couple, you live in Perth and you’ve popped the question, you probably want a Perth Same Sex Wedding right? (Google will be delighted with that sentence…) Give me a shout, I’d love to hear your ideas for your wedding ceremony. Together we can make your dreams come true, whatever they are. 

“It’s easy to say ‘Thank You’ but it’s hard to find a way to let you know what WARMTH there is behind those words today… But somehow hope this message helps to show at least in part the very special gratitude that’s felt deep in our hearts. Because your thoughtfulness and all the kindness that you show WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED AND APPRECIATED! Thank you so much Delwyn!”

from us, Ateh & Terry

“I am so happy that we found Delwyn who was recommended to us by our photographer. From the moment first started talking to us saying “I Do”, Delwyn has looked after us the entire way through, even though we are not local to Perth. I highly recommend Delwyn if you want a down to earth celebrant who is willing to go the extra mile for you. Thank you so much, Delwyn!”

Love Marylou and Mel♥

“Thanks for making our marriage legal at last! And thank you for everything you have done for our family. It is truly appreciated.”

Eric & Marcus


December 21, 2020 Delwyn

Who is that and What’s Really Important?

What does it mean if you are looking for the Best Wedding Celebrant in Perth? Do you really want the Best Wedding Celebrant in Perth or are you in search of the Best Wedding Celebrant in Perth for YOU and your partner? On your wedding day you want to feel relaxed and empowered to enjoy your day, and there are certain things which can will help you accomplish that.

Who is the Best Marriage Celebrant for you and how do you find them?

Blog Best wEdding Celebrant Photo 2 - Love Bird Ceremonies, Harold Boas Gardens, West Perth
Love Bird Ceremonies, Harold Boas Gardens, West Perth

I believe it’s essential to find a celebrant who understands you and your needs. Someone who is on the same wavelength as you, and I might add, that has nothing to do with age. It’s someone who can listen to you and your ideas and translate your dreams into reality. Really listening is an art and then translating those thoughts into creative ideas is a crucial talent for any marriage celebrant. The best marriage celebrants are able to do this and leave you feeling excited and confident about your special day and your wedding ceremony.

Is it Important where they are based?

Blog Best wEdding Celebrant Photo 3 - Love Bird Ceremonies, Lamont's Bishops House, Perth
Love Bird Ceremonies, Lamont’s Bishops House, Perth

Choosing a marriage celebrant who lives ‘near me’ can make it easier for you to meet up with them but their location shouldn’t be important. What’s important is that your marriage celebrant is flexible and happy to travel. I am a marriage celebrant based in South Perth but I am prepared to travel basically anywhere to meet with my couples and perform a wedding ceremony, and since Covid, we have all become more comfortable using Apps like WhatsApp and Zoom to keep in contact. Being a marriage celebrant in South Perth places me conveniently in the middle of so many fabulous venues from Joondalup to Margaret River and more! I am happy to travel interstate too!

What are your Marriage Celebrant’s Values?

Blog Best wedding celebrant photo 4, Love Bird Ceremonies, Millbrook Winery, Jarrahdale
Love Bird Ceremonies, Millbrook Winery, Jarrahdale

The best wedding celebrant in Perth for you will have similar values to you. What is important to you should be just as important to your Perth wedding celebrant. For me marriage is one of the most important steps a couple can take in their relationship and the ceremony needs to be not only entertaining but respectful of all the wonderful values that make up a great relationship. I also believe ‘Love is Love’ and support Same Sex Weddings in Perth or anywhere for that matter! I was so proud when Australia passed legislation in December 2017 to allow same sex marriage. It’s so special to able to celebrate love with all lovers.

How does your Wedding Celebrant communicate?

The best wedding celebrants in Perth are good communicators. They will respond to your inquiry promptly and supply you with all the information you are asking for. They will stay in touch with you during the process, however long it takes. 

Listen to your Wedding Celebrant. 

When I say “listen to your wedding celebrant” I mean listen to the way they speak. Do they speak clearly? Do they use the English language correctly? Are they able to write and present a wedding ceremony that you will be proud of? The best wedding celebrants in Perth are able to do this and if they have had voice training and have experience presenting to large groups you are on a winner. I have over 30 years experience in corporate presentation and am able to throw my voice if required. Being able to keep an audience captivated is essential as a wedding celebrant.

Look at your Wedding Celebrant

Blog Best wEdding Celebrant spare Photo - Love Bird Ceremonies, Cottesloe Beach, Perth
Love Bird Ceremonies, Cottesloe Beach, Perth

The best wedding celebrants in Perth will always want to look their best for your wedding ceremony and will make sure they are dressed appropriately. You don’t want them to be dressed identical to the Mum’s or Dad’s, nor clashing with the bridesmaids or groomsmen. Don’t feel you can’t discuss this with your marriage celebrant …Perth. (SEOs ☺ )

How do you feel about your Wedding Celebrant

Blog Best wEdding Celebrant last Photo - Love Bird Ceremonies, Bunker Bay Beach, Dunsborough
Love Bird Ceremonies, Bunker Bay Beach, Dunsborough

You will feel excited, confident, proud, relaxed and very happy if you have chosen the best marriage celebrant in Perth for you. Don’t settle for anything else. This is a big day for you and your wedding ceremony is a very important part of your wedding day. I am hoping I can help you you feel like that, not just for the day but every time you think about your wedding day.

"Many thanks to Delwyn for marrying us perfectly! Having to change the date and find a new celebrant as a result, I hit Google and came across Love Bird Ceremonies. The "pop up" concept really resonated with us, and once we met Delwyn, the deal was sealed! We were very low key and not wedding-y, and Delwyn was able to capture that mood perfectly for our very small ceremony. She thought of all the little details, down to colour-coordinating with us AND our flowers! We felt as though she really cared about understanding us and what we imagined our ceremony would be like, and we were thrilled that she was able to marry us. Thank you Delwyn for helping make our wedding perfect :)"

Caroline and Michael

"Delwyn made our day so special, easy, simple and beautiful with our own decorations, a picnic spot in a beautiful location, homemade scones de0d just for my husband and I ( we eloped) she supplied our witnesses too! It was an awesome day with no stress! Delwyn really went above and beyond for us and we are so grateful and thankful we picked Love Bird Ceremonies ❤"

Laura and Rhyan


October 10, 2020 Delwyn
When people decide to marry it’s all about love and all the ‘lovey dovey’ things that go with it. Like! Hugs and kisses and holding hands as well as laughing and crying for joy. Of course everyone wants to hug and kiss and touch! I remember my last few big weddings before shut-down here in WA. I had the hand-sanitiser on my signing table but it was used by hardly anyone! Everyone was still a little unsure about what was required of them and even with a gentle reminder from me only a few very conscientious guests obliged. But many of the guests did feel they needed to ask permission to hug! Everyone wants to hug the bride and groom so it creates a stifled atmosphere and a very strange feeling when you are hugging with joy in your heart and at the same time wondering if you are doing the right thing.
Covid Beach Wedding
With Covid it’s been tough for so many lovers wanting to commit to each other in marriage and not being able to firm up a date or a venue because who knows when this will all end and friends and family will be able to travel and join in the celebrations! For some it has not been possible to postpone indefinitely so in the meantime they have had delightfully romantic elopements. (more about those in my next blog.) If you are disappointed, worried, anxious or downright angry that you cant plan your wedding date at the moment, or have already rescheduled a few times and spent money you feel is wasted on invitations etc, give me a call. I would love to give you some ideas on how to reuse and recycle your obsolete wedding stationary and anything else you have spent money on. Don’t throw it away! You can still use it. Wishing you happy wedding planning!

March 9, 2017 Delwyn
Being a marriage celebrant is a huge privilege. You share the dreams and sometimes keep the secrets of many beautiful couples. I love meeting my couples for the first time and hearing their story. It’s not just listening, it’s about reading between the lines, watching their body language and Holding Space for them.


October 15, 2016 Delwyn2
Wedding Ceremonies are not always just smiles and fun. Tears of joy are sometimes shared with tears of remembrance and sorrow. As a marriage celebrant it is sometimes not easy to walk that fine line of including and honouring deceased loved ones in a wedding ceremony and creating a joyful and fun celebration for the bridal couple.

September 1, 2016 Delwyn
“Getting to the other side of an event makes me beyond happy. Seeing the joy on people’s faces on the evening but also hearing the reviews makes me glad. I just love pulling together a beautiful table that encourages community”. – I had to cheer when I read this quote from Stacey Clark. She had contacted me re being the wedding celebrant for one of her clients and because I had not had the pleasure of working with her before I did a little research and fell in love with her philosophy.