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December 2, 2021 Delwyn0

The Extraordinary Life of a Marriage Celebrant in Perth

Marriage Celebrant Perth
A very happy Marriage Celebrant, Perth – Swifthound Photography

My life as a marriage celebrant in Perth is a continuous string of amazing moments. I love my work because it brings me a new challenge and opportunity to be creative, with every couple I meet. I want my couples to have a unique ceremony that is tailored to them and their personalities. In short, I want them, that’s you, to own the ceremony and be proud of it. Being a marriage celebrant presents the most incredible and heart-warming opportunities to file away magical memories. Here are a few short stories for you to enjoy, hopefully as much as I did.

Marriage Celebrant Perth - - The Love Story Photography
Can-Do Marriage Celebrant Perth -– The Love Story Photography

Blowing Bubbles

Every now and then I am asked by a photographer to do something special so they can get that hero shot. This was one of those times when I was asked to be the bubble-blower at an elopement ceremony because there weren’t any guests who could oblige! As you can see, I didn’t mind at all.

Marriage Celebrant Perth

Marriage Celebrant Perth
A Marriage Celebrant Enjoying a Blip – Photos by Trish Woodford and Kevin McGlinn

Having a Laugh

Occasionally the nerves get the better of a bride or groom and something as simple as ‘repeating after me’ can go wrong. It’s not always easy to keep from bursting into uncontrollable laughter 😉 In both of the cases above the brides were marrying their ‘awful wedded husband’ instead of their ‘lawful wedded husband’. Eventually each of these brides, and everyone else, regained their composure, the correction was made, and the hilarious gaff was etched into their wonderful wedding day memories forever.

Marriage Celebrant Perth
Marriage Celebrant Perth  – in Switzerland!

Jetting Around

Ok, so I can’t legally marry anyone outside of the Commonwealth of Australia, but, occasionally I am asked to conduct ceremonies overseas, such as this commitment ceremony. A huge privilege of course and the couple flew me from Ireland to Switzerland so I could be their celebrant. The ceremony was held in a romantic castle, on a hill overlooking Lake Lucerne, with guests from all over the world. It’s great when your website works internationally too!!

                                       Marriage Celebrant Perth











Marriage Celebrant Perth
Marriage Celebrant Perth – my own photos


I get to see the most beautiful people in the most incredible settings and occasionally I have my iPhone handy and pointed in the right direction at the right time. These are two of my favourite photos, captured in a split second, and both made the official photographer jealous. The biggest compliment is when one of my snapshots is used for the Thank You cards! It’s happened twice!

Marriage Celebrant Perth
A Marriage Celebrant walks down the Aisle – Trish Woodford Photography

Walking Down the Aisle

Sometimes there are tears and in this case it was an overwhelmed flower girl.  The thought of walking down the aisle ahead of the rest of the wedding party made her feel fearful. With some encouragement and comforting she decided to go ahead, but only if I walked with her! So, for the first time, I was a flower girl! And, by the time we got to the carpet, she was happy to walk the rest of the way on her own. Such a precious moment when you can help someone overcome their fears.

Marriage Celebrant In Perth
The Marriage Celebrant Job – The Love Story Photography


Occasionally one of the guests just needs some special attention to help them feel happy. This gorgeous little guest was happy enough to watch his Mum & Dad get married once he had a hand to hold. It was one of those times when I wished I had three hands – one to hold my ceremony book, one to turn the pages and keep the pages flat in the wind and one to hold his hand. Amazing what you can do when have no other choice

Marriage Celebrant In Perth
A Marriage Celebrant in Perth – Jacqueline Jane Photography


I used to sing in a Rock & Roll Band years ago so sometimes when an old Elvis ballad is being performed for one of my couples I get to sing a duet. In this case, after a couple of verses the bride joined in and we let her sing the rest to her groom alone. The groom didn’t have a dry eye, mind you we didn’t either!

Marriage Celebrant Perth
Marriage Celebrant Perth as Chauffeur – Amy Tomlinson Photography


I am so lucky to drive a Mustang, just pure fun! My couples sometimes agree with me and ask if I can chauffeur them from A to B, or just take a few photos in the car. Never a problem and always totally enjoyable! There’s only one condition, you have to forget about your hairdo! It won’t look the same after the ride!!

Marriage Celebrant In Perth
Marriage Celebrant Perth & Reverend Rae – Jacqueline Jane Photography

Team Work

It’s not unusual to be asked by a couple if their priest or pastor can take part in the wedding ceremony and say a few words or give a blessing. This is never a problem for me and it’s always an honour to work together with people who are special to the marrying couple. This occasion was extra special. Kristina and Steffen were of different faiths and had not been able to have a church wedding in Germany, only a registry wedding. They had found this very disappointing and decided to renew their vows on the beach during their holiday in Australia. They contacted me to ask if I could organise this for them and it was of course my absolute pleasure to do so! They had their ceremony on the beach at sunset followed by a 3-course meal surrounded by fairy lights. As a surprise, I asked Reverend Rae if she would do a blessing for them in the Cathedral on our way to the beach. She was very happy to oblige and together we were able to make Kristina and Steffen’s dream come true. It was a truly magical day.

Marriage Celebrant In Perth
A Perth Marriage Celebrant – The Love Story Photography


As a marriage celebrant you can expect to do a lot of waiting and it’s those moments where you get to witness the most heart-warming things. For example a very nervous groom trying to get his feelings under control, usually without any success I might add… 😉 It is just a very exciting moment when you are waiting for your partner to join you at the end of the aisle! You see people filled with happiness to see each other again after a long time of absence, babies being introduced for the first time, grandparents feeling lucky to have survived long enough to be able to celebrate this special day with their grandchildren and very proud parents.

I look forward to hearing from you and creating fabulous memories together with you.

“My dear Delwyn, We want to thank you for the beautiful ceremony and the impeccable organisation around it, therefore allowing me and Frans to enjoy every second.
Both Frans and I are truly happy we have found you, and you made it all so easy.” Putry and Frans

February 10, 2018 Delwyn

With a stunning river and bolder background behind us the groomsmen and marriage celebrant (that’s me :)) were in place and soft back ground music was playing as the guests slowly took their places. Suddenly the serenity of the natural bush surroundings was shattered as the Theme to Top Gun began to blare out around us! Surprise on everyone’s faces was quickly followed by cheering and applause as the groom made his entrance, slowly grooving his way down the hessian aisle. It was magic and totally in keeping with this very fun-couple’s style and sense of humour.